GUEST POST** Moral of the story, don’t drink and date

On a drunken night out in a gay club with some friends I met a guy and promptly asked him if he was straight after he took my fancy. To my luck he assured me that he was, so after a while we had a little kiss (much to the disgust of the gay men who also had their eye on him) and swapped numbers. I hadn’t even walked out of the club when he had text me saying that it was good to meet me… nice touch!

The next day, the texting back and forth began, another good sign. To my complete joy, this continued for a few days. I decided after a few days to ask him outright if we were going to meet up for a drink. I wouldn’t usually be so forward, but I figure that I am getting to that age now where everyone I know is either getting married or having babies so I don’t really have time to waste!! 🙂

He arranged the entire night and was a textbook gentleman, booking a romantic restaurant, picking me up, opening car doors (I even walked over to the driver’s side as I am not used to guys opening car doors for me, it was very embarrassing when he asked me if I was driving). He paid the bill and even carried me over a puddle so that my shoes didn’t get ruined…. Yes you did read that correctly, he picked me up and carried me over a puddle!

He carried me over a puddle?!

After the date he dropped me off at home, how sweet and he had even text me before I had got to my floor…. Not bad for a gay/straight guy, I was impressed!

That weekend I had a big night planned with the girls and we polished off two bottles of vodka and three bottles of champagne before we even left the house… it was a sign of things to come. I had heard from the boy that day and he was also going out with his friends. The plan was to all meet up later on in the evening, result!


After having a drink in every bar on Crown Street we ended up in Columbian (note – another gay bar) and all four of us were really rather drunk, very drunk in fact. It was about 1.30am and we were dancing like we were the sexiest girls in the world, as you do when you have had way too much vodka. The boy had text me and I had told him that we were there and all of a sudden he showed up on his own, sober!

I had had enough so I suggested going back to mine and he agreed… we left the club and it all got a bit blurry from there. The fresh air hit me and so did the copious amounts of vodka/Jager/Champagne/wine/schnapps.

The next thing I can totally remember is waking up in my bed, with my old, ‘lazy Sunday’ PJ’s on and a pumping head. There was a glass of water next to me and a bucket (I am not a vomiter though but how was he to know that). To make it worse, a few years ago my friends brought me a joke porno and that was on my bedroom floor, my laundry basket had been emptied all over my bedroom…. I went into the bathroom and the towel rack was on the floor and a box of tampons had been emptied out everywhere. I frantically tried to clean it up as I could hear the TV on in the other room so I knew that he was still there.

I went into the living room and there was the boy, watching sports. He had a smirk on his face and told me that I had been really drunk and had passed out after failing to find something that I was looking for in the laundry basket. Apparently I had woken up in the night and put my PJ’s on??? He said that he had stayed awake for most of the night as he was worried that I would be sick.


Since then I have had flashbacks involving me falling over, pulling the towel rack off the wall and searching through my dirty laundry to find my ‘sexy’ underwear, I think I can even remember getting the joke porno out myself…..

The boy and I saw each other a few more times but it fizzled out… moral of the story, don’t drink and date!


2 thoughts on “GUEST POST** Moral of the story, don’t drink and date

  1. Pat Riarchy

    Yes. Alcohol is a problem. It makes you lose inhibitions and you become yourself. Obviously he wasn’t too keen on the real you.


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