The past should stay in the past???

As you’re well aware, I’ve just got back from my first trip home in two and a half years – Cue catching up with family (the usual family politics, oh the joy!), friends (marriages and christenings – can someone please tell me when the memo went round to grow up?!) and the inevitable… exs! Always a joy, ahem!

So I left Australia, after a coffee catch up with the questionable one I boarded my flight – Manchester bound! I am one of those weird people who loves to fly long distances, a bit of peace and quiet with only myself to think about and an endless supply of alcohol, can someone please tell me what’s not to love hey?!

On a side note, my friends have often described me as having a swinging brick in my chest as opposed to a heart – how very dare they?! Essentially referring to the fact that I never, ever cry. Especially not at sad films, honestly the gasps of shock and horror that I get when I proclaim that I did not cry at The Notebook, or The Green Mile, Titanic or Armageddon! Sure I appreciate that they’re sad stories, but sad enough to make me actually shed a tear, erm no!

So imagine my complete shock and horror as the floodgates opened as I touched down in Manchester for the first time in a long time. I was greeted by my mum and dad, which was lovely and headed straight to the pub, via my cousin’s house for a quick makeover – blonde highlights, check! New do, check! Ready to be seen in public, check!

Now I have been known to ramble on in these posts and my aim in not to bore you senseless, so in my infinite wisdom I’ve decided to break down the trip into dating categories (I honestly don’t know how I do it, I was only home for three weeks and my update requires categories – who do I think I am honestly?!)

The first one is here for your viewing pleasure:

Reunions and tears at sunrise – The Christening

To follow shortly:

On the Other Side: The half Maltese, half English one (sound familiar?!) There’s a reason for that

Blast from the past: How to be a complete question mark

How to make every possible situation worse – The Wedding

A funny for you in the meantime!

He he


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