My first date in two months..

Here I am single again and decide I’m swearing off guys for at least 2/3 months – so they cycle begins again… Groundhog Day anyone?!

Ten Year Crush was my head turner, and then there was the dates that followed that well… weren’t, ha!

 Oh how I’d love to go on a date and come back to my friends and tell them how lovely he was, how we’d has a great time and that he’s asked to see me again full stop! It seems however that the dating gods know that I now document my every dating move and send me the most ridiculous circumstances/ outcomes as material for you guys 🙂

So it was the end of a two month drought and it was the long weekend of the Queen’s Birthday (can I just say that I love the fact that Aussies get the day of and the Brits don’t – unless they’re here like me of course… yyippeeeeeeeee).

Happy Birthday!!!

My weekend was fairly tame to begin with, a chilled Friday and partaking in the Coogee to Bondi walk on Saturday, I then cooked up a storm in the kitchen on the Sunday (yes I did make the Yorkshire Puddings from scratch, thank you, thank you very much!).

The girls and I were chilling on the sofa when my friend Sally and I decided to glam ourselves up and meet a few friends at The Paddington Inn. Outfits – check! Fabulous hair – check! Heels – check! Only it was pouring down outside and no taxis – Drowned rat look – check!

It didn’t halt our mission to have a fab night. We had a few cocktails at the Paddington Inn until about midnight, we then moved onto Kit and Kaboodle for more drinks and dancing antics.

Once at Kit and Kaboodle a particular guy caught my eye, to my utter surprise he came over and asked if he could buy me a drink, good manners – check!

We had a drink and then hit the dance floor, cue dancing around the dance floor like we were on the set of Strictly Ballroom (for some reason, when I’ve had a few drinks I all of a sudden believe I’m Tina Sparkle).


The pleasant surprise was that he too also had the ‘moves’ on the dance floor too…

After what seemed like hours of burning up the dance floor, I decided it was home time as my little dancing shoes were no longer on speaking terms with my big dancing feet, they needed to take a break – from each other. I explained to the boy that it was time for me to go home, after a little kiss he asked if he could have my number as he’d like to take me out again, I dutifully obliged and he walked me out (how cute) to say goodbye.

After he hailed me a taxi, I hopped in and was homeward bound, it wasn’t long before I crashed out at home after a fab night.

I woke up the next morning to the all too familiar hangover headache and decided to take full advantage of my extra day of the weekend (thanks Elizabeth!) and go for a run, have lunch with the girls and then watch a movie with a Thai takeaway. I’d told the girls about my encounter the night before and then not thought much else about it. That was until I received a text of the boy that night saying that it was great to meet me and that he’s like to take me out for drinks soon – result.

The four-day week passed by in a haze as I had a big client event to organise, so my week consisted of work, gym, dinner and sleep… That was until on Thursday when it changed to work, gym, phone call from the boy, dinner and sleep. I was impressed that he’s called and not text, I think too many people these days rely on text messages and just don’t pick up the phone – until now. We had a nice chat about where we lived/ worked and he asked if he could take me out for the drink. I said yes so we decided to meet near my office after work on Friday and go for a drink at Luna Park. Yeahy!

Cue Friday evening, me sat at my desk waiting for him to arrive at six, he arrived at my office, looking hot and complemented me on my outfit – again good manners – check!

The beginning of the evening went really well, drinks and conversation flowed at the bar, time went by in a flash and we decided to head to the Crows Nest Hotel to watch the live band at 9pm. I’d only been there once before so was more than happy to go along. Before we knew it, it was 11pm and we decided to head to the city to the original place we had met, Kit and Kaboodle.

He knew all the door staff and we were granted access to the top floor- where the best music is, in my humble opinion. Now don’t get me wrong, we had now been out drinking for five hours straight, we’d skipped dinner and were now ordering shots at the bar – there really was no need. (Upon reflection it would’ve made sense for us to say goodbye after The Crows Nest Hotel and arranged to catch up soon, instead of partying on and continuing to add more alcohol to the mix).

So we again headed to our old friend/ foe the dance floor and said boy got chatting to what appeared to be an old friend, they said hello and then started dancing, cool I thought, seems like a fun guy that has lots of friends.

I left them to it and headed to the bathroom, when I returned they were still dancing on the dance floor, only they weren’t just dancing, they were kind of grinding with each other on the dance floor – a little inappropriate when your date is stood right there, but I’m quite laid back and it was our first date so just laughed and said I’d get the next round in… (as if we needed anymore!) Oh also, I forgot to say, the friend of said guy, that he was gyrating with, was… a guy! Ahem!

I returned from the bar with three shots, it would be rude not to right?! They both thanked me, the boy’s friend said it was so nice of me and asked me for my number, looking back, yes it did seem rather strange, but I didn’t want to be rude, so we exchanged numbers, then they continued to dance with each other – I could only be described as a bystander.

After about 15 minutes feeling rather awkward, I decided it was time to leave, I said goodbye to the boy and got myself a taxi.

I decided to take myself off to bed. All in all it had been a great first date, with the exception of the end, I did have a weird feeling about the way it had ended but decided not to dwell on it!

I was awoken the next morning with a text from the boy’s friend:

“Hi it’s XX from Kit and Kaboodle, that guy that was…um…doing things with your boy 😛 he he hope you had a fun night, sorry of we were inappropriate… its just us J xoxo”

Erm, what?!?!? I’m sooooooooo confused by this message, if I hadn’t received it, I would’ve been convinced that it was just me having too much to drink and would’ve forgotten about it.

The boy has since been in touch and I told him about the message and he laughed it off saying they get ‘frisky’ when they’ve had a drink and has asked to take me out again.

I would love your feedback as to your thoughts people: Am I being sensitive and I need to get a grip or would you think there was something weird about the message…


3 thoughts on “My first date in two months..

  1. Andy

    Kinda odd behaviour for a first date, sure, but they sound fun!
    Of course they also sound like they might be bi playmates, which is cool but possibly not your cup of tea. 😛

  2. melanie w

    sounds like he likes the best of both worlds and unless thats your thing probably best not to open that can of worms (no pun intended).

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