I rest my case!

Yet another story to fill you in on as to how Sydney is literally the smallest place in the world!!

Remember I told you about Neal? The guy I met at Circo Loco? Who literally fell off the face of the Earth after adding me on Facebook, yyyuuuupppp! That one!

Well he’s all but written off, plenty more fish in the sea and all that (although still not quite sure what happened there!)

So I had a fancy dress party to attend last weekend, it was 80’s theme – which I love! We had two Madonnas, Elton John and a few questionable 80’s rejects. I decided to attend as Charlene (aka Kylie in her Neighbours years) a great laugh!

One of my close friends, Sophie got chatting to a lovely boy, they exchanged numbers and said they’d see each other again, aawwww! He seems like a lovely chap and works with some of my friends so all good in the hood.

Before we knew it the weekend was over and it was Monday again a little too soon, all wasn’t lost however as Sophie and I had managed to get tickets to go and see Kylie – scream! I literally was having my five-year-old self’s dream realised!



It was Tuesday night and Sophie and I headed out to Cargo bar to meet with our lovely friend that had managed to get us the tickets for a cheeky wine before the concert. It was a freezing night (by Sydney’s standards) but we were kept nice and warm by the heaters on the patio of Cargo. Cargo Bar is based on King Street Wharf and has amazing views over Darling Harbour. It is a nice place to head after work during the week, especially on a Wednesday, however the clientele is questionable on the weekend – not my bag baby!

We chatted about the weekend and talk soon turned to boys, as it inevitably does! We all had the phones out (apart from me as I am in the middle of a drought at the moment – this my friends is what I refer to as a trough on my dating landscape, you know the cycle I mentioned here (the pedestal theory, not the pedal stool theory! Ha!)  I am on the three month hiatus, patiently waiting for my head to be turned again. Sophie told the girls about the weekend and the new boy on the scene, his ears must’ve been burning as he requested her as a friend on Facebook at that very moment. Sophie accepted him without a second thought (well that was until ten minutes later when she realised that she hadn’t vetted her pictures, ha!).

After a few glasses of vino at Cargo we headed to Sydney Entertainment Centre to catch the show. We were all settled in our fantastic seats and the show began. Before long were rocking out to ‘On a Night Like this’, suddenly Sophie’s phone alerted her to the fact that the boy had commented on one of her pictures saying “It looks like we’ve met before!”Cue Sophie frantically trying to log onto facebook to see what the hell he was referring to, she certainly didn’t remember meeting him before, she’s sure he would’ve remembered…

Only every person in attendance at the Kylie concert was trying to upload images to facebook, post their status updates etc at that very time so the phone was not playing! After 15 minutes of trying the picture finally loaded, it was only an image of Sophie and said boy sitting together looking very cosy… TWO years ago: 2009! Now as if that wasn’t bad enough, Sophie’s sister had commented on the image two year ago asking:  “Is this your new fella?!” CRINGE!

All the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place, Sophie had met him briefly two years ago when a mutual friend from home brought him when he met up with her for a drink this side of the pond! Sophie moved to Perth shortly after and never gave it a second thought… that was until now!

We soon came to realise that said boy also has other connections to the group, yes he works with some of our friends, we know this. However what we didn’t know is that he used to live with one of Julie’s old colleagues, the same colleague that used to live with Neal… Yes, yes that’s right, Neal used to live with said boy! What are the freaking chances?!

Sydney = small = I rest my case

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