Eau-de-Vie puts Sydney on the map with three award nominations at Tales of the Cocktail

I am a big fan of the ‘small bar’ with an array of bars popping up all over Sydney thanks to the relaxing of the licensing fees, I have quite the choice! I have many Sydney small bars on my hit list: Grandma’s (which I’m frequenting tonight with my girls), Sticky Bar, Balcony Bar, the aptly named ‘Small Bar, Dr Pongs, Tree House, The Rum Diaries etc to name but a few.


One of my favorite little gems is a bar that I attended at the beginning of the year, Eau Du Vie. It is a small bar, based in Darlinghurst. I reviewed it here if you don’t remember.


I was pleased to hear that it has been nominated in three categories in Tales of the Cocktail’s Spirited Awards, the biggest and most influential bar industry awards globally. Nominations include World’s Best New Cocktail Bar, World’s Best Cocktail Menu and World’s Best Drink Selection. Well done I say! It’s about time Sydney bars were recognized on the international stage!


Proving that the Sydney small bar scene truly is resonating with the rest of the world, Eau-de-Vie is one of only three venues to have been recognised in three award categories. The other two venues include legendary bars Employees Only in New York and Artesian at The Langham in London (I recon it’s in pretty good company!).


Sven Almenning, owner of Eau-de-Vie said ‘We’ll definitely be celebrating with a few bottles of Champagne and some Blue Label! We’re not only thrilled for Eau-de-Vie, but also for the wider community of bars in Australia. Hopefully these nominations show that the small bar movement is offering patrons a more diverse choice of venues, while putting Australia on the map globally as a world-class bar and drinking destination.’


The only venue from the southern hemisphere to receive a nomination, Eau-de-Vie is being held in esteemed company alongside some of the most well-known and respected bars across the globe.


World’s Best New Cocktail Bar

●      1534, New York City, New York

●      Dram, New York City, New York

●      Eau de Vie, Sydney, Australia

●      Painkiller, New York City, New York


World’s Best Cocktail Menu

●      Artesian at The Langham, London, England

●      Eau de Vie, Sydney, Australia

●      Mayahuel, New York City, New York

●      Sanctuaria, St. Louis, Missouri


World’s Best Drinks Selection

●      Artesian at The Langham, London, England

●      Cure, New Orleans, Louisiana

●      Eau de Vie, Sydney, Australia

●      Employees Only, New York City, New York



The winners will be announced in July at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Good luck!!!


If you fancy heading to check the venue out for yourself, maybe on a first date! (I think he would be quite impressed with this choice of venue!). The address details are here.


More bar reviews to follow soon.


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