Fancy knowing how to muddle, shake over crushed ice and finding out what a bar spoon is? Even if you couldn’t care less, I have a feeling this would be a fun night!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, I used to be a cocktail bar tender in my Manchester days. I loved it, great team, free alcohol and I loved knowing how to make a balanced cocktail with just the right amount of sugar syrup and lime juice. It also didn’t hinder the attention from the guys either, there seems to be something about bar staff and their desirability stakes shooting up the scale as they serve you a cocktail, shaken but not stirred (over crushed ice).


A seven can become and eight and a four can even become a respectable six, how does this happen?

So I was contacted by the lovely guys at Miss Marley’s in Manly with regards to its Cocktail Masterclass which they pitch as a great introduction into the art of mixology & the background of its Pan American drinks menu.

Get involved

They advise that their highly experienced & award winning bartenders will guide you & your group through the elements of this art, from its origins & history to the tricks of the trade.

Demonstrating two of Miss Marley’s most popular cocktails, the Margarita & one of our exquisite in house creations, then a Grand Finale “The Cocktail Cup” where you get a chance to create a future classic & they are the judge!

The Masterclass is for groups of 8-16 guests. Perfect for hens parties, networking, team building events or simply to show off at your next dinner party!

A selection of delicious canapés are served throughout…

You can expect to get involved, be inspired, in great spirit & in the know!

I for one will be signing up for my friend’s birthday, I’ll let you know how I go! If I’m really lucky I might even take a guy there on a date, think it would be a great first date (chance would be a fine thing!).

For more info contact Miss Marley’s on: (02) 8065 4805 or


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