A note: Don’t sweat the small stuff

Hi all my lovely blog followers,

 I just wanted to do a post with a very different topic today, as I have had something terrible that has happened to two of my friends.

In a second I realised that you can’t sweat the small stuff, there are more important things to worry about and that life’s too short. I guess the connotations of those remarks can be taken as they will, but essentially I have been inspired by the strength of my friends that have been directly affected by these terrible events, and those that have been there to pick them up when they needed them the most.

 This terrible accident two weeks ago that has left our local community back home shell shocked, along with many friends over here!

What happened?

Two good friends from my home town have been in holiday in Australia having the time of their lives, a six month break to see Australia with all of their best friends. They’ve travelled around and worked hard. They were due to go home in four weeks…

They went away for Easter to Surfers Paradise and has a great time. That was until one of the guys got caught up in the middle of someone else’s fight (wrong place wring time, he wouldn’t hurt a fly). He was knocked unconscious by a guy who hit him around the head with a chair. He collapsed, but came round shortly after.

Three days later he was back in Sydney and he felt faint, he ended up passing out and having a severe seizure. After being rushed into hospital they concluded that he has in fact fractured his skull as a result of the blow to the head and fluid had been leaking on his brain. He has been told just this week that it is infected and he will not be able to leave the hospital for at least one month. No one yet knows what the long term effects will be.

Whilst he was undergoing brain surgery his best friend offered to cover his job for him so that  he didn’t lose it. It was on a building site in Randwick. On his first day (whilst his friends was undergoing brain surgery)a terrible accident happened, a crate of heavy timber fell onto him, leaving him with a broken spine and no feeling below his neck. He is in Randwick hospital and needs 24 hours care, the outcome of his injuries is yet unknown (he has been given just a 10% chance he’ll ever walk again). His parents have just arrived in Australia to support him.

How you can help:

The fundraiser will be on Friday 20th May at the Kogarah RSL, I will post the flyer up later today.

They have already secured lots of prizes for a raffle on the day. Prizes include rugby shirts, meals for two, hotel stay for two in city, XBOX 360, HTC Desire and HTC Mozart, 20th Century Fox DVDs and many more!  

Hopefully you’ll be able to make it to the event, if not if you’re able to donate any prizes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Thank you in advance for any kind donations (big or small) towards this worthy cause.



2 thoughts on “A note: Don’t sweat the small stuff

  1. Steven Higham

    Is this Daniel Hitchen from Wigan? Who worked at FX Lesuire gym my dad goes to that gym and he has heard that Daniel has bin hurt on a building site in australia!


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