Date night? The only nights I don’t have a date are days ending in day! (Not through choice I might add!) Erm…

I’ve recently updated you about meeting various lovely fellas, I’ve built them up to be the desirable catch of the month – only they slowly (or quickly) morph into the slippery worm at the end of the hook that got too big for its boots!

Yes, it’s no lie, the guys that I meet generally read like a who’s who guide of human dating crap! I’m starting to sense a trend here.

After watching the movie ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ it made me think that you really are damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t! I guess what everyone has been saying is true, “If it’s meant to be it will be!” whether you play the game, act like you’re not interested, make the first move or tell them that they had you at hello… when they’ve literally just said hello! I haven’t gone that far… yet! Give me chance, ha!

Then there’s the exception of course, which I found myself caught up in just last week. After exchanging numbers with the lovely Neal I was confident he’d call! We got on well and I was hopeful… Only four days passed and it was now Thursday and I hadn’t heard. I had my girlfriends giving me the lovely advise with the best intentions: Maybe you put your number in wrong? He’s probably working a lot after his break; maybe he lost his phone and really wants to get in touch.  A likely story!

Only I logged on the trusty book of face that night and low and behold, who did I have a friend request off, yes, yes that’s right: Neal! He’s also sent a message asking how my week had been, explaining that his hadn’t been that great, he’d lost his phone on Anzac day and had been in bed ill for the past few days. Phew. So cool as a cucumber I decided to accept the offer and reply after my morning coffee the next day, didn’t want to appear too eager did I?!

Only I did reply the next morning with a casual chatty message about him not being able to handle the pace etc. Only it’s now a week later and I still have reply, I give up!

There is a slight part of the story I am missing: whist filling in Jenny on this tale last Saturday I was showing her the message to gauge her thoughts (as all women do!) yes we over analyse we know this! Just the same as we know guys like to watch football and play fight – it will remain one of worlds mysteries t hat cannot and will not be changed! I digress, anyway I have a pesky (crap) phone that is very sensitive, as I clicked on his name, it brought up his profile instead of his message, only as I pushed the button to go back to messages, I only bloody well hit ‘Poke’ didn’t I! The ONE button you CANNOT undo on a smart phone! FAIL!

Suffice to say I’m left wondering as to whether he will get in touch, whether I should just bite the bullet like I did in the first instance (you know the whole “do you have a GF” extravaganza!) and send him my phone number via FB?

Ahh the trials and tribulations of a single woman! It appears I’m not alone either! According to new research commissioned by leading Australian group buying website,, it revealed that 71 per cent of survey respondents don’t go on a regular ‘date night’. (hmm I wonder if their reason is choice, I doubt it!)

The online survey, which involved 567 Australians aged 16-65 years from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra, also revealed that respondents typically spend between $51-100 on a date, apart from people in Canberra, who only spend $5-50.  (Seriously I think I am dating the tightest morons! I dated a guy for a couple of weeks and all he bought for me was two glasses of wine!)

For those participants who do have a regular date night (the lucky sods!), Saturday is the most popular day of the week, followed by Friday. I’m not actually a fan of Friday or Saturday date nights, I much prefer mid-week! I guess beggars can’t be choosers thought right?

According to Dean McEvoy, CEO Spreets, those that do have a regular date night are looking to the Internet as their source of inspiration. “Finding new or exciting things to do has never been so easy with group buying websites like Spreets, and the survey shows that 88 per cent of respondents are turning to the Internet for date night ideas,” he said.

“Dating doesn’t have to be a costly experience either. The way group buying websites work is that they do the research to identify something interesting to do in your city, and offer users significant savings”.

Here are the five tips for making ‘date night’ successful by Spreets:

1.     Commit to a set night of the week – decide which night of the week works for you and your partner and try and stick to it as much as possible.

2.     Variety is the spice of life – it’s easy to go to the same Thai restaurant and order the same noodle dish every week, but there are hundreds of different places you can try, and things you can do.  If you’re going for a meal, then go to a different suburb, try a new genre of food, or order something you wouldn’t normally do.

3.     Budget – there’s no need to spend lots of money, either set yourself a budget and stick to it or alternate a pricey outing with a low-key date.  A low-key option is to make a picnic and go to a scenic place, or take advantage of the discounts offered by group buying sites like Spreets which offer up to 90% discount on restaurants and experiences.    

4.     Have fun – try to forget about all the other stressors in your life and just enjoy time alone with your partner.

5.     Make an effort – get dressed up and make an effort for your partner, a little bit of effort can go a long way.

If only it were that easy!


5 thoughts on “Date night? The only nights I don’t have a date are days ending in day! (Not through choice I might add!) Erm…

  1. Sally

    Great Blog as always!! 1 thing … do not, I repeat do not send him your number before he gets in touch with you. You know me I obviously shud listen to my own advice as in most occasions I will of course do it anyway.. Thinkin.. ah well wot have I got to lose BUT you will see the lovely (or possible dousche) Neil again and very soon if not before you actually expect, soo my advice to you is wait.. next time ya see him make sure your looking smoking and just see wot happens.. obv don’t make it easy on the boy but wots a couple of wks eh?

  2. Pretty Pop!

    100% agree with Sally’s advice spot on! He will ask fro your number it’s all about patience! xx


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