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It’s no lie that women LOVE chocolate, and I don’t mean love in a lovely dovey puke fest way, or in the seven-year itch way. I simply mean in the til death do us part way, and in sickness and in health – you know feed a cold etc

It comforts us when we’re down, doesn’t answer back and never lets us down! So this is why my friends I’ve teamed up with the guys at Liquid Ideas to provide ten of my lucky blog readers with a bar of the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse bars – They’re delish!!

Cadbury, Australia’s most loved chocolate brand* has introduced a new chocolate indulgence with Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse and like your comfiest track pants, scented candles and favourite hydrating mud mask, you may want to keep it out of sight to enjoy in those rare moments you have all to yourself…

 Utilising European chocolate making techniques, Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse features unique triangular-shaped pieces of smooth and creamy mousse encased in Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate. Available in chocolate, hazelnut and caramel, Cadbury Mousse is perfectly designed to savour slowly – the ideal indulgence for those precious “me-time” moments.

Which to choose?! Decisions, decisions

We’ve all got those little things best kept hidden away from our loved ones – the obsession with The Notebook, celebrity crushes circa 1990 and any mementos of ex-boyfriends (which is becoming increasingly hard with pesky facebook! You know!). Then there are the things that are just too special to share, like your “good” moisturiser – although you suspect he sneaks some when you aren’t looking…

 Now, Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse joins the list of things that you probably want to keep all to yourself. Let’s face it, he just won’t appreciate that delicious, rich mousse the way you do.

 Ten things you might want hidden…

  1.  Your Cadbury Mousse block – seriously, do you really want to share?
  2. Expensive shampoo – he just doesn’t need, deserve or understand it. Give him soap.
  3. Box sets of Gossip Girl – he hates it, you know it and fear he thinks less of you if he knows you love it…he does. So hide it.
  4. Photos of ex-boyfriends. No explanation needed.
  5. Mix-tapes made for you by ex-boyfriends (see point four above).
  6. Old celebrity crushes – he doesn’t need to know you used to be into Take That – it’s not cool. It’s even less cool to know that deep down you STILL love them … best kept hidden.
  7. Your Twilight books and DVDs. You’re not a vampire and not a teenage girl – it’s weird to him.
  8. Mud masks. If he sees you in that it might be indelible in his memory forever…
  9. Scented candles – best enjoyed on a quiet night in with the girls.
  10. Your expensive night cream – he won’t use it sparingly the way you do so get him the cheap stuff from the supermarket. 

Now the only dilemma is where to hide your Mousse…

 Spoil yourself with Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse, the all-new indulgent chocolate block that’s simply too good to share – now available from Coles, Woolworths, SUPA IGA, Big W, Target, Kmart and other select retail outlets RRP $4.20

*Source: Nielsen Scantrack, 2010; Millward Brown

To be in with a chance of winning, simply tell me in 25 words or less, if you could create any flavour , what it would be and why?

Thanks!!! Excited much!!


Fancy knowing how to muddle, shake over crushed ice and finding out what a bar spoon is? Even if you couldn’t care less, I have a feeling this would be a fun night!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, I used to be a cocktail bar tender in my Manchester days. I loved it, great team, free alcohol and I loved knowing how to make a balanced cocktail with just the right amount of sugar syrup and lime juice. It also didn’t hinder the attention from the guys either, there seems to be something about bar staff and their desirability stakes shooting up the scale as they serve you a cocktail, shaken but not stirred (over crushed ice).


A seven can become and eight and a four can even become a respectable six, how does this happen?

So I was contacted by the lovely guys at Miss Marley’s in Manly with regards to its Cocktail Masterclass which they pitch as a great introduction into the art of mixology & the background of its Pan American drinks menu.

Get involved

They advise that their highly experienced & award winning bartenders will guide you & your group through the elements of this art, from its origins & history to the tricks of the trade.

Demonstrating two of Miss Marley’s most popular cocktails, the Margarita & one of our exquisite in house creations, then a Grand Finale “The Cocktail Cup” where you get a chance to create a future classic & they are the judge!

The Masterclass is for groups of 8-16 guests. Perfect for hens parties, networking, team building events or simply to show off at your next dinner party!

A selection of delicious canapés are served throughout…

You can expect to get involved, be inspired, in great spirit & in the know!

I for one will be signing up for my friend’s birthday, I’ll let you know how I go! If I’m really lucky I might even take a guy there on a date, think it would be a great first date (chance would be a fine thing!).

For more info contact Miss Marley’s on: (02) 8065 4805 or

Women are from Venus, men are from Mars!

Based on the findings from the book ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ (published in May 1992) by John Gray.  The book is based on the idea that members of the opposite sex  have very different communication styles, emotional needs and personal values to each other.

Yes! I hear you cry we know this is true, but how have we come to this conclusion? Why is there a resounding cheer of agreement worldwide with regards to this theory? And, what my blogger friends can we do to solve this mystery and work what is going on in the opposite sex’s blokey man-brains? Well, if we knew this, I wouldn’t be blogging about my dating adventures and man issues now would I!

How different we are!

As a girl, I like to be honest and upfront about how I feel, I don’t like to play games and if I want to text back I will. Flip-side I genuinely believe that guys play the game, obviously it depends on the types of guys, of course it does (we can’t tar all men with the same brush! Blah, blah, blah!).

 The guys that I tend to come across, they’ll  start off really keen, so I’ll be 100% myself with them. Fast forward two weeks and I’ve been replying to their texts, seeing them if they ask me out… then all of a sudden they go dark on me.

Now don’t get me wrong, yes maybe they’re just not that into me, but why do guys just all of a sudden go off the radar without so much of a courtesy ‘I don’t think it’s working’. They just go MIA without as much as a wave goodbye. I think that even in dating terms, manners don’t cost anything, yes it might not be a lovely conversation or something you particularly want to do, but sometimes you’ve just got to suck it up!

Even the guys that we weren’t really that bothered about, I do tend to find that when they go MIA it seems to bother you more as it comes so left of centre.

Enter the Pedestal Theory:

I know for a fact that I have a dating cycle, we probably all do, it just takes a while to admit it. Here is mine in a nutshell:

  • Single for about 2/3 months
  • Meet someone (we’ll call him A for the benefit of this nutshell) who really turns my head
  • We date for about a month
  • They go MIA and break my heart
  • I feel sorry for myself and miss the attention
  • I meet someone who likes me, we’ll call him C, they’re not my usual type, but they seem lovely and have the potential to treat me the way that I wish A would’ve done (I almost feel like I’m on a pedestal, one that I’ve climbed up on completely of my own accord BTW
  • Spend two/ three weeks dating, C shower me with attention, I don’t play games, I even shock horror – text them and call them first
  • I start to not hear back from C’s texts straight away and when he gets missed calls from me, I don’t hear back for hours
  • I slowly feel myself falling off that pedestal that I’d so confidently climbed up onto, even wearing stiletto heels
  • All of a sudden it’s the weekend, I haven’t heard from him, if he does get back to me it’s with one word, non-chatty texts…
  • Cue me falling backwards off the pedestal as my stiletto heel breaks, I tumble-down to land in a big pile of sh*t.
  • I look up and there’s C standing on that very pedestal (that’s mine get off!) waving and giving me the finger as he trots off to pull another victim that he can now be a bit more cocky with (BTW guys have their patterns too! We’ll come back to this another time!)

Here I am single again and decide I’m swearing off guys for at least 2/3 months – so they cycle begins again…

Going round in circles

My very good friend Julie keeps on telling me to not be so nice, that I’m too available, treat them mean keep them keen etc – I can’t help but think however, that if they were the right person for me all the game playing and being ‘hard to get’ just wouldn’t matter.

Take Neal for example, I mentioned him about three weeks ago, the one I met at Circo Loco – you remember, you don’t! Just humour me…

We had a lovely night, exchanged numbers, I didn’t hear, four days later he added me on the book of face and explained he’d been ill and lost his phone. I responded the next day and haven’t heard from him since. No idea what happened there considering I didn’t even have the chance to mess that one up, ha!

The there’s the lovely Paul, half Maltese, half English Aussie who I haven’t seen since he turned up at my house on Australia day. Sure he’s asked me on dates and then cancels on the day, or the day before if he was feeling a bit more respectful. However, I still get those phone calls at 10:30pm on a Saturday night, which I ignore.  Randomly he got in touch on Sunday and apologised for being MIA for the past four months, advised that he was saving so had been lying low. (Oh yeah because that’s the law apparently when you’re saving, you can’t text!) He then said he still owed me a dinner that he’d promised – As if he has to ego to think I’ve been waiting up every night for him to ‘lock in’ our long overdue date – I think not!

A recent article in Good Health magazine by Helen Foster provided the findings to a recent study that highlights that men and women are worlds apart:

It concludes that women feel pain differently:

“When we get an ache it tends to feel more severe and last longer than the same pain might in men. This is partly biological — oestrogen increases the amount of nerves a painful feeling stimulates, “but while men focus merely on the way a pain feels, women tend to focus on how it’s going to affect them”, says US psychologist Dr Jennifer Kelly, who spoke on gender and pain at the recent convention of the American Psychological Association. “This makes you feel more negatively about it.”

(Full article can be found here)

It got me to thinking; I wonder if this is the same for emotional pain? Answers on a post card please.

**Guest post – Where is your wallet?

This is one topic that people normally have a strong opinion on and either fall into one category or the other. On a first date should the man pay or should the man and woman do a 50/50 split?.

I personally think that the man should pay for the first date if they have said to you “I would like to take you out for dinner”. I may just be a total brat, but there is also a lot of other things that show through from a guy paying for a woman. Firstly, it makes you subconsciously feel that the man can support you in a financial capacity, which is nice. It also shows that they are generous in nature and most importantly you know that they are trying to impress you and hence, like you!

Last week I was asked out on a date and I think the ‘asking out’ phrase went something like “we should go out for some drinks on Thursday”. Maybe I should have seen the “we” as a telltale sign that the bill would be joint share.

It started off as him buying the first round, please note, that I didn’t even do the pretend wallet pull out at this stage to offer money for the drinks, which I normally would do. Then after he finished his drink he just sat there and waited for me to finish my drink. On the completion of my drink he still sat there and on that note I jumped up and asked “what would you like to drink”. Normally at this line I would be ready for the ‘gentleman’ to jump up in protest and say “no, I will get it”. In this situation though no movements… still as a statue. In fact, I think a fire bursting throughout the bar at this stage could not have moved this guy out of his seat.

So after this round was bought, that’s how it went on the whole night- round for round. I didn’t complain and even though it was different to what I was used to I didn’t give it to much thought to the point of ruling out seeing the guy again.

Then the next night he came and meet me at a cute small bar on York street Sydney called ‘Stitch’–  I would recommend checking this out and in particular the ‘high and dry’ cocktail! Yum… Anyway, he arrived and I was sitting with two girlfriends having a bottle of wine and he walked over to us with a drink for himself in hand. After he had finished that drink he got up and asked me if I wanted a drink and before I could respond had already walked away. My girlfriends actually called out to him and said “get us a bottle of wine”. Surely enough he strolled back to the table with one beer- no bottle of wine in hand. I remember the moment very clearly and I snapped back into my stubborn thinking that men should always pay for women. It was embarrassing that he did not get a drink for neither myself or my friends and it was apparent then and there that he would never.

When my friends left I brought the subject up with him (because at this stage to me he was just looking like a selfish tightarse- two qualities I’m not all that keen on in a partner). He started giving me the whole “equality” speech and it was very apparent to me at that stage that we were not on the same wave length (not that I don’t believe in equal rights- just not on dates- especially the initial ones ;)).

I discussed the topic with my friends and the consensus was that men should always pay on the first date. In fact my friend said to me that she has been out on a lot of first dates where she didn’t even bring her wallet. Also, to avoid the whole awkward bill ‘wrestle’ at the end of dinner the woman should excuse herself to go the bathroom and then the man should politely pay- another dating rule I have come up with in my time.

There is an exception though when the guy is short on cash, but even then it’s the effort they display- take a girl for a walk and get her a soft serve from McDonalds. In fact, I remember a really nice date a while back that I went on where I watched the sunset go down over Bondi with a 6 pack of Coronas and Sakata’s crackers with somePhiladelphiacheese. Planned and inexpensive, yet didn’t fail to disappoint and it ticked my boxes.

So let the lesson be learnt that if there is not a distinctive “I” and “you” in the asking out phrase and there is a “we” then you better wait till pay day to be on the safe side.

A note: Don’t sweat the small stuff

Hi all my lovely blog followers,

 I just wanted to do a post with a very different topic today, as I have had something terrible that has happened to two of my friends.

In a second I realised that you can’t sweat the small stuff, there are more important things to worry about and that life’s too short. I guess the connotations of those remarks can be taken as they will, but essentially I have been inspired by the strength of my friends that have been directly affected by these terrible events, and those that have been there to pick them up when they needed them the most.

 This terrible accident two weeks ago that has left our local community back home shell shocked, along with many friends over here!

What happened?

Two good friends from my home town have been in holiday in Australia having the time of their lives, a six month break to see Australia with all of their best friends. They’ve travelled around and worked hard. They were due to go home in four weeks…

They went away for Easter to Surfers Paradise and has a great time. That was until one of the guys got caught up in the middle of someone else’s fight (wrong place wring time, he wouldn’t hurt a fly). He was knocked unconscious by a guy who hit him around the head with a chair. He collapsed, but came round shortly after.

Three days later he was back in Sydney and he felt faint, he ended up passing out and having a severe seizure. After being rushed into hospital they concluded that he has in fact fractured his skull as a result of the blow to the head and fluid had been leaking on his brain. He has been told just this week that it is infected and he will not be able to leave the hospital for at least one month. No one yet knows what the long term effects will be.

Whilst he was undergoing brain surgery his best friend offered to cover his job for him so that  he didn’t lose it. It was on a building site in Randwick. On his first day (whilst his friends was undergoing brain surgery)a terrible accident happened, a crate of heavy timber fell onto him, leaving him with a broken spine and no feeling below his neck. He is in Randwick hospital and needs 24 hours care, the outcome of his injuries is yet unknown (he has been given just a 10% chance he’ll ever walk again). His parents have just arrived in Australia to support him.

How you can help:

The fundraiser will be on Friday 20th May at the Kogarah RSL, I will post the flyer up later today.

They have already secured lots of prizes for a raffle on the day. Prizes include rugby shirts, meals for two, hotel stay for two in city, XBOX 360, HTC Desire and HTC Mozart, 20th Century Fox DVDs and many more!  

Hopefully you’ll be able to make it to the event, if not if you’re able to donate any prizes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Thank you in advance for any kind donations (big or small) towards this worthy cause.


GUEST POST** Sex shouldn’t have an ex in it- Yes it is a pun….

So many people, both men and women, tell me about how they hooked up with their ex again and had s3x with them. Am I missing something here, or did you guys not break up because you hated each other and that person ruined your life and you spent a whole month crying over them?….

I actually have a girlfriend who went out with a guy for around two months and then he played head games with her for around another year. I would get around four calls a week, sometimes even four calls a day, when I would council my precious, vulnerable friend. She would be in tears and then after me consoling her for 20 minutes she would finally realise that she had more self worth and she would feel strong enough to not call him again…. For three days….

She actually spent almost two years obsessing over this guy because she thought that maybe there was a hope that eventually they would get back together. Well guess what- if he wanted you back, then you would be laying in his arms right now instead of me telling you that he is a jerk. The reason why so many women hold onto these desperate hopes of getting back together with an ex is because of this famous one line- “right now I don’t think I can be in a relationship, but maybe in the future?”

Girls, girls, girls…. If you hear this line- run for the hills and you may actually trip and fall on a stone in the process and prince charming will catch you in your fall. The exact reason that guys say this line is because what they are really trying to say is “I don’t really like you enough to stay with you, but I also don’t want anyone else to have you so if I say this you will live in false hope and not be able to get over me. In fact we should maybe also have some casual sex between here and there so that I don’t let you get over me also”.

Yes, I have had an ex do it to me and I have also done it to them and all it does is take up months of grief which you could be missing out on actually just concentrating on you- because guess what- you are no longer an ‘us’!!!. In my case, I let myself live in this false hope that I would get back with my boyfriend and live happily ever after for about three months and then I deleted every last bit of him from my life- this included photographs, his number and facebook account. This is the quickest way to get over someone, or as the saying goes “get under someone”- but I’ m personally not a huge fan/believer of this.    


So after dishing out all this advice to my friends about why you would never hook back up with an ex, I go and flush all of that down the toilet when it comes to myself. To be fair to myself I have only been naughty on one occasion which was around one month ago. I ended things with this guy about seven months ago after dating him for approximately four months last year and after the breakup we were “friends”- the reason I have friends in inverted comma’s is because I am using the term loosely. So after resisting a few instances in the past seven months when I knew that if I really wanted to I could have hooked back up with this guy he must have caught onto my vulnerability this one night. We were partying away at the Sydney club – Kit and Kaboodle and he would not leave me out of his sight. After about 3.5hrs of his persistence and his final attempt of him really having to convince me by saying “kiss me” our lips once again met.

Here I was transported back in time seven months and we were so comfortable with each other and I have to admit it was a nice feeling. Of course, one thing led to another and I woke up lying on his chest with him kissing my forehead. Oh fu#k!- not an ideal situation at all. So after leaving and thinking I would never want to date him again anyway he started to play on my mind. Ok- ladies we are built in a different emotional capacity to men and this should be reason enough to keep a safe distance from the opposite sex altogether, let alone shaking back up with a guy who used to kiss you on the nose in the morning when you had smelly breath.

After him annoying me because he was rude and ignored me the next week at the club (god, who would have thought!) all the memories came flooding back and I remembered why I had disliked him so much and then again, just like that, he wasn’t my friend or the guy who I hooked up with last weekend anymore but once again the ex. So I handled it really maturely when I ran into him again the week after and just gave him the bird as I walked past him in the club. I know, I know… I’m not in primary school, but honestly giving the bird just really felt good, but of course I looked like a tit. Then to just really put some sprinkles on the top I hooked up with a guy he knew. In the future I don’t think I will summon myself to hooking up with anymore ex’s unless I would like to be told when my nap time is.

You will forget what is wrong with your past lovers if you spray some perfume on them, but once the smell wears off they will still have the same old stench.

I like to be described as a girl with spirit (the spirit I am referring to is vodka!)

I also like to be described as original (I’ve found thought that it isn’t always in a good way, you know the way people are described as question marks? Well there you go!) I found out however that originality is also something that you can be rewarded for, yyippeeee!

I guess writing down my every whim, insecurity and boy drama does count as being somewhat original in my own way, maybe. So when I came across the 2011 Stoli Original Fund campaign I figured I’d spread the word! (After all who doesn’t want to be in with a chance of pocketing $1,000 – show of hands… thought so!)

Do any of you have an original or inspirational idea? Why not unleash your creativity in the original fund competition to be in with a change to win a grand!?

The 2011 Stoli Original Fund rewards genuine originality, whether it’s launching a unique recyclable fashion label, starting a vertical neighbourhood garden, or starting up your own fabulous blog (ahem), as long as it’s original you’re in with a chance to win the cash from the Stoli Original Fund to help realise your dream!  

 How you can get involved:

Over the next five months (May-September 2011), The Stoli Original Fund will give three members of the public the chance to put $1000 each towards their prized, original idea.

Frederick Duarte, Brand Manager, Suntory Australia says: “Stoli is the world’s most original vodka and we want to reward the genuine originality of Australians with the 2011 Stoli Original Fund. We’re excited to uncover some real talent and by offering a platform to showcase original ideas, we hope to help original people unleash their dream idea and turn it into a reality.” 

To enter, entrants must upload to the Stoli Vodka Australia Facebook page an image that captures their original idea, along with a 200 word or less blurb explaining what the original idea is, why it is original, and how a $1000 Stoli Fund could help make it happen. The Stoli team will shortlist the five best and most original ideas of each three rounds and the Facebook community will decide the winner by voting for their favourite – the entry that exemplifies originality, creativity and general genius! To enter and for full details visit

So what are you waiting for? I think my idea will centre around making guys reply girls text messages – never mind the $1,000 Stoli Original Fund prize, I recon I’d be eligible for a Nobel Peace Prize if I invented that! Ha!  


  • Entries for the first Stoli Original Fund (of three) are now open. ‘Like’ the Stoli Facebook page for more
  • Entrants can upload their original idea at
  • Entries for the first round close on May 23 with the final winner announced on June 17
  • The second round of The Original Fund competition will launch at the end of June 2011
  • The third round of The Original Fund competition launches in August 2011
  • Unsuccessful applicants are permitted to re-submit the same, or different ideas to each fund search
  • Entry is open to residents in Australia over the age of 18 only