Excuse me, do you have a girlfriend?

Ok so the last post was just a teaser, here’s the dating update from the Easter weekend shinnanigans…

A five day weekend, the stuff dreams are made of hey, the house to myself (don’t get me wrong I love my housemates, but it was nice to have some ‘me’ time.

 After finishing work on Thursday I headed over to Ryan’s Bar to meet up with my girlies who were still in town, we were all chatting and laughing, having a ripe old time! That was until I saw the psycho I used to be dating, you know this one, the one that stole my car?? You know! He had the nerve to tap me on my shoulder and say hello. All I wanted to do was tell him to never talk to me again or throw my drink in his face, but I decided I didn’t care enough to make  show of myself so I replied to his question when he asked how I was, asked him the same and then promptly turned away without a second thought. To say he was embarrassed, was quite frankly putting it mildly. My friend said he turned the colour of a tomato whist his friends generally took the pi$$.

 After that I transcended into a walking bottle of wine in human form, and then I took myself off home and I crashed out on my sofa fully clothed with my shoes on. As you do!

 The next day I headed Coogee-side to have a lovely roast dinner with my friends from home, they did a cracking job. Before we ate however, we headed to the CBH in Coogee, an interesting place that is reminiscent of the old labour clubs back home. The outside courtyard is its saving grace, when it’s a sunny Sydney day and you fancy a beverage the atmosphere is great – true you might not be able to get a seat, but you’ll get a great tan and have a giggle. However when night time descends across the CBH and the doors to Selina’s night club opens, it’s almost like the doors to the land that time forgot have opened as a portal to the parallel universe circa 1998, less than ideal! We only stayed there for a pint or two mind, the company far outweighed the venue anyway!

 So Friday was a chilled one, Saturday was too, until 5pm when my lovely friend rocked up – cue four bottles of wine and a dance of around my front room until 2pm – man we’re cool!

 I received a text from jenny on Saturday asking if I wanted to attend Circo Loco with her, we quite frequently attend the High Flyers boat parties and apparently it plays host to the same crowd. After some deliberation… 2 minutes I decided I was game (I get the biggest F.O.M.O fear of missing out), Julie and Sally were game too, so full house!

Good times


The event was held at the Greenwood in N. Sydney. The venue consists of a converted chapel and courtyard. When the sun is shining, like it was that day it is simply stunning with the Sydney skyline in the background for your viewing pleasure. The talent isn’t too bad either!


!e got there about 2pm and it was a beautiful sunny day, it wasn’t too busy either, which I was happy about! The music was fantastic, very Ibiza-esque. We were treated to the delights of DJ Ryan Crosson and Andrew Grant, and others.  
So we got the drinks in, the beers were flowing, it was actually really good. The day turned into night and we were still going strong, not a bad way to spend Easter Sunday.

 I was dancing my little heart out, when a certain young (ish) gentleman caught my eye. He was tall, dark hair, stubble, nice body and lovely smile – I’m sure I saw him look at me, yet after an hour there was further traction…
About five glasses of sparkling wine, two tequila shots and three Red Bulls later I got my mojo back as I saw him approach the bar…
I figured I had nothing to lose and was sure that I saw him looking at me too, so went over and tapped him on the shoulder, the following cringe fest ensued…
Me: ”Excuse me, do you have a girlfriend?!”
Him: “Sorry, hi I’m Neal, do you want to introduce yourself first??”
Me: Sorry, it’s just I’ve been burned before when I’ve gone over to guys to chat them up and then I’ve had their GFs come over and have a go, so I figured i wouldn’t waste mine or your time!
Him: Ahhh so you’re trying to chat me up are you?
Me: Yes, yes I am, I’ll have a glass of sparkling please
Him: Ok! You fancy a shot with that too? Tequila maybe??
Me: You read my mind…
Of we trotted to the bar and we engaged in conversation, what we do, how long we’ve been here etc etc – the usual drill!
So we then proceed to dance all over the club, he introduced me to some of his mates, after about an hour he asked if I wanted to go for a drink somewhere else (his mate owns a bar in Darlinghurst, so we headed there) Only as it was 11 on an Easter Sunday it was shut! So instead we went back to his, he lives in Rushcutters.
We had a few drinks and then went to bed. At about 5am his flatmates arrived back, and a party started in the front room so we went to join them, he said his housemate’s were a great laugh and asked if I wanted to have another drink… so I went into the dining room, only the two housemates looked very, very similar, no it wouldn’t be, could it?! Erm course it bloody well could be!!!! It was Julie’s old colleague and his mate – who happens’ to have been out with two of my bezzies! He was surprised to see me to say the least! They’re only Neal’s best mates and had all lived together for four years!
Six degrees of separation very, very quickly becomes two…


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    Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching something and your post looks very animated for me. Great page you are running there. And many thanks for posting this.

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