“Back in my day”

I was sat around in the office today and my team and I were trying to brainstorm ideas for a survey for one of my clients, now you might be thinking: “why do I give a sh1t, I don’t read your blog to hear about your day job?!” Well normally you’d be right, however on this occasion the topic of the survey was none other than dating! This I have a little lot of experience in.

We were pitching questions relating to Gen Y and how they have a different dating experience to Gen X with the advent of social networking and digital media. I got me to thinking that we never would’ve thought 20 or even 10 years ago that you would have been able to meet someone/ have someone recommended to you and all you need is their full name to find out all there is to know about them. (That is unless they are aware of identity theft, and crazy stalker people so they make themselves invisible online, how dare they!) ha!

I never fail to surprise myself when I meet a guy and find myself wondering if he’s on Facebook, literally before we’ve even swapped numbers! It is quite a sorry state of affairs isn’t it! Even with the advent of text messages 15 years ago, how much easier do kids have it now-a-days ey!?

I remember the death gripping fear that used to come over me when I used to ring up my ex on his… wait for it… house phone! “back in my day…” seriously though it was so much more straight forward back then, we didn’t have to analyse text etiquette – “should I/ shouldn’t I text him?” “Why hasn’t he text me?” “ He’s text me a few times, it’s now ok for me to make the first move!”


 There was NON of that – for sure there were other issues going on, it wasn’t all plain sailing – more often than not the guy would get caught two-timing for not being very smart and getting caught pashing someone else in a rather public space – rather than inadvertently sending a text to the WRONG girl.

Fast forward to 2011, there is a whole can of worms just waiting to be opened and all you’ve done is said hello!

How many of you have done this when you’ve met a guy and know his full name:

  • On Facebook – Check
  • Non-private profile – check
  • Photo’s of said person – check
  • Wall visible – check
  • The clincher – mutual friends – check

Cue trawling through pictures of possible ex’s etc etc and you haven’t even been on a date yet! I mean I never do that, just heard of people that do it, that’s all… (The word you’re looking for is anyway…)

Can’t possibly be conducive to a healthy start to a possible relationship can it? It got me to wondering if guys do the same?


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