To Dye for

I achieved the unthinkable this weekend, a feat that I never thought I could do despite my best efforts, people have put bets on my success (the majority on failure!) I showed them ha! I stayed in for both Friday and Saturday night! Thank you, thank you very much!

Now this may not sound like something to shout about, but it is my friends, let me tell you that it is! For the two years and three months I have resided in Sydney not one weekend have I not been out on either a Friday or a Saturday (and most probably for the year before that when I lived in Manchester!). Beyond waking up with no hang over I actually surprised myself… I enjoyed it!

Don’t worry I’m not going to become a hermit and start campaigning for this kind of behaviour to become more frequent or start announcing to all that I’m a changed woman, no, no, no! I am simply saying that it will be happening far more frequently.

However, I feel it is important to add that I have been out every day since Saturday – so I guess not too much of a great achievement?

Sunday I once again frequented The Ivy – 10 year crush was there, swoon! We’ve spoke though and decided we’re better off as friends, story of my life (nod and smile, nod and smile!).

I then headed to Bondi to catch up with my girls at Ravesis. Ravesis is a bar based on Bondi’s Campbell Parade, floor to ceiling glass walls allow bar dwellers to watch the world go by as they tuck into their drinks. On a particularly sunny day you can spot the guys ogling the hotties as they walk by. In fact even on one occasion the lovely Sally and Julie were walking past and the guys each held up score cards out of ten, charming (but we like it!).

Marks out of ten?

The only thing that really irritates me about Ravesis is the change in bar prices when you head upstairs into the ‘cocktail lounge’ it’s the exact same bar but the prices are about 10% dearer on average. If you then leave the bar and buy a drink at the other bar, they won’t let you in until you’ve finished it – not cool!

I digress, so I met up with the girls and got myself a glass of wine – cue putting the world to right and general banter. After we’d been there about an hour, three of our guy mates rocked up (one of whom who I’d pulled a few weeks earlier). They’re a nice bunch of lads but PLAYERS through and through. One of said boys actually received a punch to the face from one of my lovely girlies (who wasn’t in attendance that day) after she caught him shagging a girl in the bedroom of a party – a party he had gone to with her after they’d been seeing each other for a few weeks! Another story for another time, but you get the kind of boys I mean.

So we all sat around chatting for a couple of hours and then went on our merry way home.

Monday – Cooked for everyone didn’t I –Yes I am a domestic goddess ahem!

Tuesday – Went to Pyrmont for dinner with my lovely friend, who I haven’t seen for too long! We polished off a bottle of vino over an amazing Thai at Bangkok Station. Amazing food and really cheap – I had the Chilli Basil Stir-fry with Chicken – Amazing! Highly recommend and its BYO too, bonus! Then we headed to a stunning small bar called gallon – BIG FAN!

As you walk in it’s like you’ve walked into a quaint French cafe at midnight – candlelight and ambient surroundings lead you to a lovely outside area. I will go to sample the menu soon – watch out for the review! I’m sure it will be to ‘dye’ for. Now, no, that isn’t a grammatical mistake – it’s a leading statement as I’m interested to hear your thoughts on a certain predicament of mine…

I’ve been seeing a lovely guy recently; things have been going good, no complaints at all, only I see to have a habit of picking at the slightest things until they become unravelled.

Ok, I used to be a brunette, well I went to the dark-side for six months last year for a change. I then went back to my blonde-ish roots in September last year. Now my friends are pretty split as to which they prefer, half prefer me blonde, half prefer brunette. Now the problem lies herein (yes I probably am being overly superficial and over thinking things – but it’s my blog so I can say what I want, ha!) – the guy I’ve been spending time with has seen a picture of me when I had brown hair and he liked it, a lot. He said he actually prefers it. Which is of course lovely – However he has also said on several occasions that he prefers brunettes and those brunettes are his ‘type’.

Now I am normally laid back about these things, but I guess this doesn’t sit well with me. Now I do this all the time and probably need to be told to get a grip (and it is probably why I’m still single). But… am I right for this to niggle at me and make me think that he doesn’t like the way I look now? Answers on a postcard please….


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