It’s Monday morning again a little bit too soon!

So last week was somewhat of a big week, a managed to bag myself a great new job, yyyippeee (very excited!)! Then of course there were celebrations all round at the big event at the Argyle on Friday, cocktail fun ahoy! CarniArgyle didn’t disappoint, I will be frequenting again for sure!

Then there was a little festival called Future, you may have heard of it? It is the festival with MGMT, Chemical Brothers and Pendulum headlining? (Not that I got to enjoy any of it! I only went and got asked to leave didn’t I!) 26-years-old and asked to leave a festival – was not impressed (think my little brother was a little bit less impressed than me considering he had only had two beers!)

Security on a power trip – less than ideal! Surely it is standard that people are expected to be merry at a festival?? In the UK if you’re looking a little too intoxicated they take you to a tent, give you water and feed you. Over here they simply rip your bands off and you don’t get a say in the matter. There goes $165….

The fun continued despite my altercation, everyone descended to our humble abode to continue the party into the wee early hours on Sunday… Following a great night of drinking, chatter and banter I took myself of to bed.

To say I wasn’t so sparkling when I woke up was an understatement! I literally didn’t move from the horizontal position all day, it wasn’t too bad however as I had company in the form of a male species – silver lining and all that. So after another great weekend it’s suddenly Monday morning again a little bit too soon.

Another of many great things about Sydney, is the fact that if you wanted to do something every night, you literally could (I don’t think your liver or bank balance would be too happy about it however). Since moving here two years and three months ago I never fail to be disappointed by the events of each weekend, they get better and better as time goes on.

Despite this I have decided that I am going to made a conscious effort to try to stay in more over the next few months – I have a month long trip to the UK in July for my best friend’s wedding, so need to save save save.

It’s so funny, when I lived in the UK I found it much easier to save, a lot of my friend’s are in relationships and lived nearby so it was much simpler to just ‘stay in’ if times were tight, or you just wanted a rest, ha! In Sydney it is a completely different story. I can probably count on one hand the number of weekends I’ve stayed in since landing in the land ‘D’n Under’ (that’s probably being over generous is I’m honest). I’ve found myself looking to sign up for long distance runs to motivate myself to stay in and not go out. Otherwise the quest to go out, party with my friends and meet new people is just too strong – damn you will power why do you hate me so?!

So let’s see how I go on hey! I’m going to try and experience the finer things in Sydney and believe me there are lots of them! – Art galleries, restaurants, scenic walks, beaches and dancing/ cooking classes to name a few. Don’t get me wrong there will still be a fair share of bars and restaurants that I frequent, I just figured it would do me no harm to mix it up a bit.

If any of you have any recommendations, give me a shout! I’m all ears!


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