Can’t make it to Rio for the carnival? Fear not The Argyle brings it to Sydney!

Salsa much??

I have always wanted to go to the carnival in Rio – it is on my bucket list! Carnival atmosphere, half naked ladies and guys strutting their stuff, lost in the moment, celebration, rejoice! Unfortunately finances and work mean that it will not happen for quite some time, so in the meantime there is a bloody good alternative!

The  Argyle – a fave haunt of mine is celebrating the carnival and all things Latin with CarvivArgyle, oh did I mention alcohol aplenty and Sydney Siders letting themselves go! (Probably me and my mates, trying to show them how to salsa the ‘right’ way after a few too many tequila’s OLE!)

Tonight I will be frequenting this slasa-tastic event (man I am on a roll with new words this week) as The Argyle, based in The Rocks in Sydney is transformed into Rio.

This is going to be a great night at The Argyle and the biggest celebration of the March-long CarnivArgyle festival.


The month of March sees CarnivArgyle. Off the back of a one-night event in 2010 they don’t miss a trick and have decided to extend the celebration to a month! Yippee for us!

The month-long celebration is a nod to all things Latin American, from food, to dance; to drinks (we like this – if it were a Facebook ‘Like’ button I’d be all over t like a fat kid on cake!).

I recommend you head on down as everyone will be the carnival mood, plus tonight it’s Friday and the start of the weekend! I am hoping to bump into LOTS of hotties that are all over the salsa get up! Want to know more reasons why you should go?? It’s free!!!

If you can’t make it tonight, fear not my child! Entertainment will continue throughout the month and will include dance and drumming shows, live musical acts, Latin-accented DJ sessions, as well as interactive samba classes and tequila tastings each week.

However, the action is set to reach its peak tonight with the launch celebration on, when the party will continue late into the night (if I have anything to do with it).

On Friday and Saturday nights, a late night BBQ will serve up chorizo ‘hot dogs’ with jalapeño salsa.

In contemporary tapas restaurant Argyle Bazar, renowned chef Miguel Maestre has transformed the offering to accommodate the  Latin American theme with an array of specials added to the menu.

So what are you waiting for head to The Argyle tonight for a Rio- style evening extravaganza with churrasco, tequila and sequinned ladies dancing up a storm?


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