You know the scene at the end of Pretty Woman – gets me everytime!


In a world where people are single for longer, getting married later and having kids past the 30 threshold, at the bottom of it all, does the single girl just want to meet her prince and be ‘rescued’?

I’m sure I can hear gasps from you as you read those words. In the words of the goddess that is Beyonce Knowles ‘All the Independent Women…’ and ‘All the single ladies’… Of course our bra burning heroine, feminists of the Sixties also, it is indeed about being an independent lady and confident, driven, successful and all other wonderful things like that. I can’t help but wonder however, how many of us (by ‘us’ I mean single laaddiieesss, should’ve put a ring on it…) would be happy to meet a guy that swept us off our feet and appreciated us for who we are and all that we represent.

I’m keen to hear your feedback as it has been a question that I have been pondering over a lot lately.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being single, I love spending times with my beautiful friends and I love living my life for me.  I sometimes find my mind wandering back and forth from to time to time, thinking what it would be like to meet someone who wasn’t one or all of the following: just come out of a relationship, just wanted a physical thing, wasn’t ready for commitment or who didn’t like the fact that I’m driven.

Wouldn’t it be lovely (oh look I’m going all Eliza Doolittle on you!) to meet someone who liked the things about us that drive other crazy, wanted the best for us and our careers, wanted to shout from the roof tops that we were their girl.

No? Ok then…


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