One of life’s angels, an elaborate scam?!

Okay, so I have an unusual post today as something quite weird happened to me and my mates last week and I feel the need to share it with you guys. Interested to hear your thoughts of if you’ve had a similar experience and what your take is on the encounter…

So my friends and I went for dinner as two of my friends, a beautiful couple, were heading back to the Scottish Highlands to get married and have a family. It was an evening with mixed emotions as I was sad to see them leave, but so happy for them at the same time.

The drinks were flowing and we weren’t being shy when ordering food, starters, share plates and rice ahoy! We were dining at Thai Princess on Crown Street, Darlinghurst. It is a quaint little Thai BYO restaurant. I have had several meals there with my friends and the food never fails to please. In particular the Crying Tiger and the Beef Yellow Curry are stand out dishes (I like to alternate between the two each time I go, what can I say, I am a creature of habit). Whether there is two or ten of you dining, it’s a good shout!

I would highly recommend for a first date location, quiet enough to get to know each other, but enough atmosphere to thoroughly enjoy yourselves.

We had eaten our two courses, polished off about 20 bottles of wine around the table and were busy putting the world to right, as you do! I decided it was 10:30, on a ‘school night’ it was time that I ask for the bill. So I called over the lovely waiter and duly asked for the bill, only to be advised that the bill had already been covered by a lady sitting at the other side of the restaurant.

I glanced over only to see a woman I’ve never seen before in my life! How strange, I proclaimed to the waiter that he must’ve made some kind of mistake. It appears that he hadn’t as the woman sauntered over to our table and said it’s no worries, I’ve got it. Hmmmm ok?!

She then proceeded to announce to the table (meanwhile we’re all sat there dumbfounded , jaws on the floor and not quite sure what to say, it was a $500 bill for goodness sake!) that, “It isn’t often in life that you meet one of life’s angels. I am one of those angels on a mission to spread the word about my work”

Ok…  whilst we all sat there, still shocked and not quite sure what to say or do she continued: “I have been all over the world and I’ve never come across a group of people with your energy. I have been sent by a higher being…”

She then went on to say how she wasn’t from this world, she was governed by the crystal skulls and that the world as we know it was going to end in 2012 and that we’d all been given ap upgrade…”

Riiiiiggghhhhttttttt, we were in a tricky situation as she’d paid for our dinner and we didn’t want to appear rude, but at the same time didn’t want to humour her. We let her talk to us for 20 minutes about pursuing our dreams and living for the moment, then she simply left…

Now I have been known to be quite sceptical in my time, but I just didn’t know what to make of the situation. I’m sure it hasn’t happened to many people, I’m just happy my friends were there to witness the bizarre situation unrolling in front of us!

One of the guys said as she left, “I would’ve preferred to pay my $50 for my meal and chat amongst you guys for the last 20 minutes!”

What are your thoughts, one of life’s angels or an elaborate hoax (or a lady in need of psychiatric help!?)


2 thoughts on “One of life’s angels, an elaborate scam?!

  1. soph

    No way lisa that sounds amazin! The lady is obviously a tad mental but then how do mental people have so much money?! I discussed this with the mother figure an we decided she’s got a rich cheating husband and is finding elaborate ways to spend his fortune! If so even better whay! But don’t fret about the world ending in 2012 because we all know busted have been to the year 3000 so that bit can’t b true! Xx


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