What is it about arrogant men in customer services??!!

Okay, just got off the phone from an estate agent as I enter the minefield that is the Sydney rental property game.

Having lived in Sydney for two years, I have now lived in a total of four houses in Paddington now, less than ideal.

My friends and I have embarked on the quest to find a suitable property in a desirable location – hit and miss in the current rental climate.

We have our game faces on and are ready to pounce, just one thing in the way – egotistical, unhelpful, cocksure estate agents…

So here is how the frustration unfolds…

After trawling the net for viewings this week across Sydney, registering interest and phoning countless letting agents… yawn (Not my idea of fun let me tell you), we discovered a lovely house in Paddington. To my utter surprise I got a call within ten minutes of submitting the enquiry. A viewing was taking place at 11:30 tomorrow (today) yyippeeeeee.

I called my friend, she said she’d go no worries. Only she wrote down 11 by mistake… Cue a phone call at 11 asking if she had the right time. “No worries” I say, I’ll call the helpful estate agent, he’ll surely know!” Wont he?!

I’m put through to a chap called Simon, and I dutifully explained that I’d received a call from his colleague yesterday RE the viewing and I wanted to confirm if the time was 11am or 1130am.

He proceeded to advise that he had no recollection of the property, he then advised me that he was 100% sure that they don’t have a property by that name, that I must have the wrong number. I advised him that I dialled the number on the Domain.com.au page, and that I also had the name number in my call history received calls! He sounded surprised, reiterated that he was almost certain that he didn’t have that property but that he’d phone me back in ten minutes…

No phone call half an hour later, getting angrier by the minute, so I call him back, only to be told that I’d given him then  wrong number. No sir I think you’ll find you took the number down wrong, I work in PR and give my number out daily, unlikely I’d decide to give it out incorrectly this time!

He advised that his colleague was at the property now and the viewing was at 11:30. To which I responded, “oh you said that you were almost certain that you didn’t have that property?” Typical person in customer services not accepting they were wrong, no apologies. His response “oh it’s a special letting so I’m not across those.” Of course…

Makes me so mad! It’s a laborious process at its best, without the addition of unhelpful, unknowledgeable estate agents.


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