It is wrong to date more than one guy at once?

When I first entered the dating field three years ago, I’d just come out of a long term relationship (the only serious relationship I’ve ever been in FYI). I couldn’t understand how people could date more than one person at a time, casually or not. It didn’t seem right.

Three years later and a little bit more life experience has showed me that it doesn’t hurt to keep your options open…

Recently I had two dates in one week with two different people, it troubled me somewhat. Not so much that I thought that I was doing anything wrong, but I was worried what people might think of me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t ever cheat, if we have the exclusive chat, or if I found myself falling for someone, I wouldn’t dream of seeing other people. I do believe however, that when you’re single it doesn’t do any harm to play the field and up your odds.

One of my girl friends is an advocate for having at least three guys on the scene until you find the one:

  • Mr reliable – the guy you know who is always there if you need him – Consistent
  • Mr 10pm on a Saturday night – you know! – Sporadic
  • Mr dates-a-lot – A girl likes to be wined and dined don’t you know – Interchangeable

A recent post on also touched on this dilema, again referring to a ‘numbers game’.

What are your thoughts with regards to this? In the year 2011, should we keep our options open and our cards close to our chest??


3 thoughts on “It is wrong to date more than one guy at once?

  1. kel-bird

    Without a doubt you should play the field – men do it all the time!

    And anyway, dates are nothing but a way of getting to find out whether you’re suited to someone or not.

    Until i found my love of my life i often had multiple dates a week. I think it really helps a girl enjoy her single life and stop becoming the ‘dreaded needy girlfriend’ by week three. The last thing a guy wants is a new person in his life suddenly wanting to see him all the time and control what he gets up to.

    And it keeps you occupied. You know what us girlies are like – we like to know what they’re doing – and we like to let then know exactly that by texting them or calling. With multiple dates and datees there’s no chance of this, as you simply don’t have time! 🙂

    1. Dating101 Sydney

      I completely agree – fill your boots until you find ‘the one’. If you don’t try before you buy, how do you know you’ve picked correctly!!

      Always good to have distractions from becoming ‘obsessed’… x

  2. Pat Riarchy

    Thank the Gods that females have stopped whinging about a bloke having a few on the go and getting all offended when she finds out. A man should be filling up boots. Why didn’t they ever understand this until now? Silly females have a lot of catching up to do to get equal with us men.


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