Adventures of an e-bacheloress

It’s time to update you on my adventures in ‘Funky Town’, aka online dating, as per my previous post.  Here is a tale from one ‘match’ (according to eharmony)…

‘Bob’ from Paddington

Last week a ‘suitable match’ sends me an email.  ‘Bob’ from Paddington has courageously skipped the ‘guided’ communication and gone straight to email.  I go online to check out this character and find, bizarely, he looks a lot like a work contact I know who also lives in Paddington.  The same contact who has cracked on to me during what I thought was a working lunch (and not a flattering crack-on, the type that leaves you wanting to rock yourself whilst sitting in the shower).  Only his name isn’t Bob, it’s Paul, so it couldn’t be him.  Or could it?
A second look at his photo and a read of his email confirmed yes, it was indeed ‘Paul’ from Paddington and not ‘Bob’! 
Seriously, what is this guy on?  What if he actually meets someone, starts dating and it turns out to be serious.  Will he wait until she’s walking down isle to mention that in fact his name isn’t Bob, it’s Paul?
And the email? “Hello Darling, I think it’s time we caught up”.
My reply? Hi “Bob” from Paddington, fat chance.


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