The Mixer

So this weekend I went to a “Mixer”. What the heck? I hear you say.
A single girlfriend of mine invited me along.  She’s smart, successful, over thirty and single – sound familiar?
Her mum, along with her mum’s friends, are sick of hearing their 30+ year old ‘kids’ moan about how hard it is to meet people.  Still sound familiar?
So the parents took matters into their own hands and arranged Saturday’s ‘Mixer’ party at one of their homes in Manly.  The plan was for each parent to come along with their single ‘child’, we would ‘mix’ over wine and snags from the BBQ then the parents would retreated to the neighbour’s house leaving their now intoxicated ‘children’ to mix further…
On the ferry to Manly my friend and I nervously giggled as we realised exactly what we were going to.  She invited me last week and for the sake of getting through 101 dates I agreed but it wasn’t until the ferry to Manly I realised what exactly we were going to.  Do we throw our keys in a bowl on arrival?  Are my knee-high boots inappropriate?  Should I be wearing a twin set and pearls? 
We were first to arrive and wasted no time before tucking into the champagne acquiring some Dutch courage along the way.
Before I knew it the room was filled with parents and their single offspring.  The bizarre thing was that not only were you looked up and down by the bachelors, you were also inspected by their mothers who were no doubt considering if you’d make a suitable daughter-in-law!
There was plenty of mingling, chatting, small talk and then after we’d consumed enough wine the furniture was moved to the side and a dance floor was created.  Wine was ‘acquired’ from the host parent’s cellar and the girls were singing ABBA into invisible microphones.  It felt as though I was back in High School but in a fun nostalgic way, not a tragic adult singletons-match-made-by-parents way.
The men huddled together (for safety no doubt) as the girls bonded on the dance floor, hugging each other and promising to catch up again soon.
All in all, it was a fun night but no matches were made much to the parent’s disappointment!  And much to my relief no keys were thrown into any bowls!
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About unlucky101

After a year in Sydney (originally a Kiwi) I am well and truly a victim of the Sydney man drought. Traditionally unlucky in love and with little motivation to ‘put myself our there’ this blog is the answer. It’s a win win situation. If a date goes badly – it’s great blog content. If a date goes well – maybe I’m one step closer to finding the perfect match!

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